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about daflora

Since 1926 it was discovered that the water at Fazenda Santa Cândida was a water with a very rich composition of balanced mineral salts, but it was only in 1995 that we set up the bottling industry for our excellent mineral water.

We started with just one machine in the line of returnable bottles of 10 and 20 liters. Subsequently, we purchased another machine in the recyclable line with 200 and 300 ml cups and 5 liter cans.

In 1999 we started filling 510 and 1500 ml bottles without gas and in 2000 we launched a new brand for 20 and 10 liter bottles - ABSOLUTA. In 2002, we expanded our line of recyclables by launching 510 ml bottles with gas.

In 2004 DAFLORA Natural Mineral Water without gas, received NSF International Certification. This certification is very important because it paved the way for export, since the certified company has free transit in international markets. NSF is present in 71 countries, is a world leader in product certification involving public health, food safety and environmental protection, and its certification is recognized by WHO - World Health Organization and FDA - Food and Drug Administration, the demanding food and drug quality regulator in the United States. We have already received the tenth certification.

New launches took place and in 2007 we made our first export to the cities of New York and Miami in the USA. In 2008 we launched our line of Juices in Orange, Grape, Passion Fruit and Red Fruit flavors.

Today, our company Água Mineral Santa Cândida Ltda., Has more than 70 employees and a modern laboratory, which monitors production daily, thus maintaining a constant standard of water purity, from the sources to the packaging.

Therefore, since they started to be bottled and marketed, the DAFLORA and ABSOLUTA brands have won consumer preference in more than 200 municipalities in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais.